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A Lexington studio furniture designer/builder who enjoys pushing the edge is Lynn Sweet. Like Wujcik, Sweet works at UK, where he is a technical aide at the College of Fine Arts/Department of Art’s art studio.

Outside of his work at the university, Sweet’s niche is designing and creating “neo-modern” or “new modern” furniture crafted primarily from veneer laminated to cabinet-grade plywood. He uses all types of veneer, including exotic African hardwood such as Anigre. He also incorporates mate- rials such as glass, granite, and fabricated steel into some of his designs.


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Chevy Chaser Magazine 

Kenwick home remodel is a unique reflection of owner's artistic finesse
Lexington, KY - Though Lynn Sweet is perhaps best known for the unique line of sculptural, Neo-Modern furniture he has been creating for the past 40 years, the Lexington artist's Kenwick home and studio is testament to a deep-seated, creative DIY spirit that doesn't stop with his innovative woodworking – in fact, it doesn't stop for much of anything.